Cables Support Bridges 3th Ed_2012

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размещено: 09 Июля 2012
обновлено: 10 Июля 2012
Cable Supported Bridges: Fourteen years on from its last edition, Cable Supported Bridges: Concept and Design, Third Edition, has been significantly updated with new material and brand new imagery throughout. Since the appearance of the second edition, the focus on the dynamic response of cable supported bridges has increased, and this development is recognised with two new chapters, covering bridge aerodynamics and other dynamic topics such as pedestrian-induced vibrations and bridge monitoring.This book concentrates on the synthesis of cable supported bridges, suspension as well as cable stayed, covering both design and construction aspects. The emphasis is on the conceptual design phase where the main features of the bridge will be determined. Based on comparative analyses with relatively simple mathematical expressions, the different structural forms are quantified and preliminary optimization demonstrated.
Cables Support Bridges 3th Ed_20121


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