Approximate Methods in Structural Seismic Design, A.Scarlat

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n the structural design of buildings, approximate methods of structural analysis are used in the initial selection of the structural solution, assessment of the main elements' dimensions, and in checking the final results. The most difficult problem in the design of multi-storey buildings is the effect of horizontal forces, either seismic loads or wind pressure, and approximate methods can be very useful. Two types of approximate method are dealt with in this book: methods for determining the stresses and displacements of a given structure by using substitute structures; methods based on global parameters' (seismic coefficients, total area of structural walls, etc). The author has taken advantage of recent developments in computerised structural analysis and finite element analysis to re-appraise existing approximate techniques and to define their scope and limits more accurately. A number of new techniques are proposed. Many numerical examples and comparisons with accurate' methods are given. The book is the result of many years spent by the author in structural design and teaching. While aimed principally at design engineers, it will also be valuable for non-specia and as a teaching aid, especially in connection with first screening' of existing buildings.
Approximate Methods in Structural Seismic Design, A.Scarlat1


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