Fundamentals of engineering.

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During its August 1991 Annual Business Meeting, the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES)
voted to make the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination an NCEES supplied-reference examination. Then during its
August 1994 Annual Business Meeting, the NCEES voted to make the FE examination a discipline-specific examination. As a
result of the 1994 vote, the FE examination was developed to test the lower-division subjects of a typical bachelor engineering
degree program during the morning portion of the examination, and to test the upper-division subjects of a typical bachelor
engineering degree program during the afternoon. The lower-division subjects refer to the first 90 semester credit hours (five
semesters at 18 credit hours per semester) of engineering coursework. The upper-division subjects refer to the remainder of the
engineering coursework.
Since engineers rely heavily on reference materials, the FE Supplied-Reference Handbook will be made available prior to the
examination. The examinee may use this handbook while preparing for the examination. The handbook contains only reference
formulas and tables; no example questions are included. Many commercially available books contain worked examples and
sample questions. An examinee can also perform a self-test using one of the NCEES FE Sample Questions and Solutions books
(a partial examination), which may be purchased by calling (800) 250-3196.
The examinee is not allowed to bring reference material into the examination room. Another copy of the FE Supplied-Reference
Handbook will be made available to each examinee in the room. When the examinee departs the examination room, the FE
Supplied-Reference Handbook supplied in the room shall be returned to the examination proctors.
The FE Supplied-Reference Handbook has been prepared to support the FE examination process. The FE Supplied-Reference
Handbook is not designed to assist in all parts of the FE examination. For example, some of the basic theories, conversions,
formulas, and definitions that examinees are expected to know have not been included. The FE Supplied-Reference Handbook
may not include some special material required for the solution


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