Chen, Lui. Handbook of structural engineering (2005)

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обновлено: 25 Июля 2008
The book is divided into six sections. Section I presents fundamental principles of structural analysis for static and dynamic loads. Section II addresses deterministic and probabilistic design theories and describes their applications for the design of structures using different construction materials. Section III discusses high-performance materials and their applications for structural design and rehabilitation. Section IV introduces the principles and practice of seismic and performance-based design of buildings and bridges. Section V is a collection of chapters that address the behavior, analysis, and design of various special structures such as multistory rigid and semirigid frames, short- and long-span bridges, cooling towers, as well as tunnel and glass structures. Section VI is a miscellany of topics of interest to structural engineers. In this section are included materials related to connections, effective length factors, bracing, floor system, fatigue, fracture, passive and active control, life cycle evaluation, condition assessment, and fire safety.


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