Architecture In Detail

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In April 2004 Building Design began publishing working details from contemporary
building projects that illustrate innovative construction techniques,
forty of which are collated in this book. The projects have deliberately not
been classifi ed and appear in the order in which they were originally published.
They exemplify the forefront of thinking in building technology yet also
address timeless problems of architectural detailing.
The purpose of the details is not to provide ready-made solutions but to
add to the resource base and stimulate thought. There are aspects of them
all that can be criticised. Although the principles applied in solving different
problems may be similar the fi nal details are always specifi c to the conditions
of the particular situation. The projects are presented here in the belief that
by offering a tentative analogous solution that can then be criticised, we gain
insight into our own problem and fi nd fresh strands of thought to follow.
I would like to thank all the architects, engineers and photographers who
have allowed their work to be reproduced in this book. (A full list of credits
for each project is given before the index at the back of the book.) Thank you
also to Robert Prewett for many stimulating conversations and to Emily Pitt
for her inspiration, advice and support.
Architecture In Detail1


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teoretik24_ , 15 июня 2011 в 00:32
_Phantom_, спасибо за книгу еще раз.

Здесь есть чему поучиться.

Мы вечно будем догоняющими )
teo24 , 15 июня 2011 в 21:52
_Phantom_, thanx for the download!

Полезный справочник.
У британцев есть чему поучится. Не просто же всегда копировать чужие архитектурные решения.
_Phantom_ , 16 июня 2011 в 14:04
Пожалуйста! Рад что оценили!
Если есть что-то подобное - выкладывайте, будем перенимать опыт западный)
teoretik24_ , 17 июня 2011 в 00:21
I will )

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